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Your Credit Determines Your Options

 Qualifying for
 a loan.

Acquiring a mortgage for your house.

Applying for low interest or exclusive credit cards.

a car.

Qualify For A Better Loan!

Your income is above six figures and you’re trying to make a major purchase like a home or other property with a loan amount greater than $625K (Jumbo Loan). What holds you back? Terrible interest rates and bad offers because of lack of credit, a poor credit profile, or incorrect entries on your credit report. It’s not a reflection on you. It’s the nature of the new credit economy.

Put Your Credit on Steroids!

Regal Credit Management partners with your Business Manager, CPA, Financial Planner, or Wealth Advisor to develop better credit for you and manage credit growth. This allows you to put more money into investments at better rates, with fewer barriers to growth.

How We Manage Your Credit

If you have recently arrived in the U.S, are a young adult or a new professional athlete/entertainer, you may experience difficulty obtaining credit. We can help you build an ideal credit profile.
Whether you are recently divorced or have just emerged from a troubled business, foreclosure, short sale, or bankruptcy, your credit score is probably damaged. We get your score back in shape.
In most cases, we can remove derogatory information from your credit report, including late payments, collections, public records, bankruptcies, short sales, foreclosures, and loan modifications.
As your CPA has probably said, it isn’t wise to personally guarantee business loans and to commingle credit obligations. We help you create an ideal profile and guarantee at least $50,000 in funding.
Identity theft is rampant. You can’t stop it. Institutions are losing your data every minute. We will lock thieves out of your credit report.

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Wealth Advisors, Business Managers, and Real Estate Professionals

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Financial Literacy

Credit is rarely taught in schools. No one learns how many credit cards they’re supposed to have, how to establish the perfect credit profile, and how to protect it. We empower individuals with credit knowledge.

We partnered with NFL pro bowlers Tiki Barber and Tony Richardson to educate kids on how to avoid cyber-bullying and identity theft.

How Pursuit Sports Group Delivered a Financial Education Program to its Constituents By Partnering with Regal.