Digital Defense: How to Protect yourself from Identity Theft

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Do you know how much your identity is worth on the black market? As little as one dollar. That’s because, in this digital age, our personal information is virtually everywhere—and utterly painless to steal. It’s 2017.  We do everything on the Internet. A study of 200 major companies shows over 60% leak personal information—like your [...]

Coming to America: How to Build Credit in the US

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For many UK citizens relocating to the US, the realities of navigating the post-financial crisis world do not quite reflect the ideal way of thinking that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success through hard work and determination. Often, credit built in the UK does not transfer well to our shores, [...]

Maximizing your Home Purchasing Power

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When purchasing a home you have a lot on your mind – condo or house, which neighborhood to live in, which banks to shop and more.  However, you might not be giving as much thought about how to prepare your credit as you should. Fine-tuning your knowledge of credit management can help ensure that you [...]

Credit 101: Learning the Basic Rules of the Game

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You probably haven’t put much thought into credit. It’s not something you learned at school or at home. But understanding how to manage credit can help you obtain optimal interest rates, increase your spending power and safeguard your identity. To dispel any myths and build a rare knowledge set, we at Regal Credit Management are [...]

Beyond Black Cards: How to Manage and Protect Credit for Pro Athletes

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Your players have it all: riches, talent, and superstar status. But they might lack information on how to build strong credit—which translates into less-than-optimal buying power and increased personal risk.  This is true at every level of an athlete's career. Rookies with little to no credit have difficulty obtaining car loans and even rental apartments [...]

How to Educate your Kids about money

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Money is taboo and is something not to be discussed. People don't like discussing how much they make, not even to their kids.  Parents will talk all day long about the birds and the bees, doing homework and chores, but not how to responsibly handle their money. Proper financial education includes a variety of aspects [...]